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We believe that our church and the other churches of Frankford play a unique and valuable role in working for the good of the neighborhood. 

We also are so grateful for the many other organizations and agencies that work for the good of Frankford. Below is a list of links of helpful community resources. Putting these organizations on our website does not mean that we always agree with their beliefs or practices. We just want you to know about services that are available in our neighborhood.

Assistance Database

Excellent database for resources by Zip Code search

Laundry needs

Padre Pio (used to be St. Joachim), located at 1527 Church St. offers free laundry to people that need it. It's by appointment only. People can call 267-453-0090 to set up an appointment to do their laundry.


Text your philly zip code to this number and it will automatically send you a list of food pantries: 1 800-548-6479

FAWN Food Pantry: Loacted in Frankford. Call 445-216-9766

to get current times or schedule an appointment

Pregnancy Concerns

Alphacare offers a free program that includes a weekly meeting with a mentor and through this program they offer help with needs like maternity clothes, baby clothing, diapers, wipes, and although they don't provide cribs and car seats, they do referrals for other programs that do provide cribs and car seats. Their only requirement it's at the woman is already pregnant. If you have someone that you know that could benefit from this, they can call 215-735-6028.