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What to Expect at Our Weekly Services

Location and Time

We meet at 4403 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19124. Our service begins at 10:30am every Sunday morning.


Sunday morning street parking is free in the city. There are spots available on the same block as the church on Frankford Avenue or Unity Street.

What to Expect

Our church is very casual dress. There is no need to dress up to come. 

We usually start right at 10:30am with singing songs together (we'll have the words up on a screen for you to follow along).  During the singing, some people sit, some stand, and some raise their hands to symbolize that their praises and their lives are being offered up to God.  Some people sing loudly and shout praises and others just listen quietly. We want you to feel free to be yourself and worship however you feel most comfortable. 

After the singing, we pray and then give an offering.  The money goes towards the church, to help people in Frankford, and to support missions around the world.  Please don't feel any pressure to have to give something if you are new to our church.  We are just glad that you are there. 

Then we have a teaching time from a passage of the Bible. This teaching time is called a sermon. The preacher (usually one of the pastors) will read a passage, pray, and then explain what the passage means and how it applies to our lives.

We end each service with communion.  During communion (sometimes called "the Lord's Supper"), we take a piece of cracker and some grape juice and we eat and drink it together.  This ceremony is something that Jesus set up as a reminder of His death on the cross for all who would follow Him throughout history. The cracker symbolizes His body, which was broken for us, and the juice symbolizes His blood, which was shed for us. There is much more significance to it beyond that, and we'd love to tell you more about it. We invite you to join us in communion with us if you have put your trust in Jesus Christ alone for your salvation and have committed to following Him with your life.  If you haven't made that commitment yet, then please don't participate in taking the cracker and juice. 

After communion, we close the service in prayer. If you have any questions, we'd love to talk with you more about our service or any questions you have.  Please don't hesitate to contact us or to talk to one of the pastors after service. 


We have children of all ages and we welcome the noise and distractions that come along with them, so please bring your children with you. 

Children that are from 6 months to kindergarten age are welcome to go to child care in our preschool class.  Their class meets during the majority od the service. Parents have to sign their children in and each child receives a wristband with a number on it.  Parents are given a piece of paper with their child's wristband's number on it.  When you pick up your child after service, you must show the nursery worker the number so that we can ensure that children are only picked up by the parent that dropped them off.  Every week, our nursery is staffed by at least two volunteers that have submitted their background and clearance checks to our church.  

During the sermon we provide handouts for children older than kindergarten age to fill out so that they can follow along as well. Starting September 2023, we will also have a 1st grade through 4th grade class during the sermon.

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Contact Us

TEXT ONLY: (267) 341-8321

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